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Catalogue Number:  ARD001
Producer:  A. R. Deane Nesbitt
Subject:   Canadian History, Canadian Social Studies, Canadian World Studies, History, Indigenous Issues, Social Studies, World History
Language:  English
Grade Level:  6 - Post Secondary
Country of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2017
Running Time:  22
Closed Captions:  Yes
DVD Price:  $119.00
3yr Stream Price :  $119.00
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This video is a powerful depiction of the stages of war, following soldiers from the excitement of the draft to the ravages of battle, from the euphoria of victory to the inevitable aftermath of trauma, grief and remembrance. Featuring original footage from World WarII and stories from veterans still living today, whose legacy is our democracy and freedom.

Bonus Material: Two-minute interview segments with several World War II veterans, including a man who escaped a Japanese prisoner of war camp; a woman who ferried wounded soldiers to safety in Blitz Buggies; a war photographer, now almost blind, who can still describe in detail every image he developed; and, an Indigenous Canadian man who trained as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner and courageously flew in 30 tours over Germany.

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