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Managing Your Business: Prices, Finances, and Staffing

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This title is a part of the series You're the Boss: Starting and Running Your Own Business

Catalogue Number:  394145
ISBN Number:  978-1-61733-518-1
Producer:  Films Media Group
Subject:  Business Studies
Language:  English
Grade Level:  9 - 12, Post Secondary
Country Of Origin:  U.S.
Copyright Year:  2011
Running Time:  25

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From price tags to paychecks, from tracking sales to filing taxes, from opening in the morning to locking up at night, the on-the-ground challenges of running a business never end. This video sheds light on them with expert commentary and helpful explorations of numerous management issues. Topics include obtaining proper insurance; determining the best market prices for goods and services; finding the right software and record-keeping systems for sales, billing, expenses, and taxes; and making sure that an array of government and bureaucratic requirements are fulfilled, from an Employer Identification Number to Employee Eligibility Verification forms to the required notices posted on company premises. The program also features extensive discussions of hiring, training, motivating, and disciplining employees.

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