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Seven Steps to Good Study Habits: Part 1

Catalogue Number:  880001
Producer:  Colman Communications
Subject:  Study Skills
Language:  English
Grade Level:  3 - 5, 6 - 8, 9 - 12
Country Of Origin:  U.S.
Copyright Year:  1995
Running Time:  11

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Part One of this comprehensive study skills program teaches four critical study skills: (1) how to develop a positive attitude about schoolwork and homework, (2) how to form a cooperative "learning partnership" with teachers, (3) how to set up a special "learning place," for concentrated study and (4) how to make (and follow) a study schedule. Designed for students with few or no study skills, the program uses animation, humor, a breezy narration and an easy to follow, step-by-step approach to build fundamental study skills into good study habits that will last throughout a student's academic career-and beyond.

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