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Yoshi, The Lantern Maker

Catalogue Number:  880072
Producer:  Colman Communications
Subject:  Children's Stories
Language:  English
Grade Level:  3 - 5, 6 - 8
Country Of Origin:  U.S.
Copyright Year:  2008
Running Time:  9

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Yoshi, the Lantern Maker is a beautifully rendered, fascinating folktale that teaches students about both Japan and fictional forms of literature. Useful in both language arts and social studies classes, this animated video retells the story of a humble lantern maker who, with the help of a mountain spirit, becomes a prince, the sun, a cloud and a rock before learning that he's most content when he's simply himself ; a craftsman who makes beautiful lanterns. The tale's plot and theme are based on two key aspects of Japanese culture ; Shinto and Confucianism.

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