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Differentiated Instruction Practice Video Series (2 DVD Set)

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Catalogue Number:  981098
Producer:  National Professional Resources
Subject:  Special Education
Language:  English
Grade Level:  Educators
Country Of Origin:  U.S.
Copyright Year:  2003

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To better meet the needs of today's diverse students, National Professional Resources, Inc. is proud to present the Differentiated Instructional Practice Series (DIPS). Each videotape in this series focuses on a specific population of students who present a unique challenge in contemporary classrooms.

Based on the core components of differentiation that govern ALL quality instruction, you will begin to learn how to more effectively: • Deliver appropriate curriculum content

  • Implement instructional processes
  • Inform your decision making
  • Use on-going assessments
  • Evaluate student products

The first two videos in this series highlight practices which research has demonstrated to be effective when working in classroom environments. They acknowledge the diversity that exists in every classroom and present a foundation that begs for differentiated instruction.

Each video briefly explores the changes in educational paradigms, and presents specific ways in which differentiated instruction responds to the current challenges that are presented by diverse learners in today's classrooms. Also incorporated is research past and present such as:

  • The Multiple Intelligences
  • Principles of Learning
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Brain Compatible Learning
  • Curriculum scaffolding
  • Environmental Organization

Learn how you can differentiate your classroom or train others to differentiate theirs, by observing the teaching and learning process in real classrooms, K-12.

Accompanying each video is a Viewer's Guide that will provide you with:

  • The rationale for differentiation
  • The framework for practice
  • Materials for use in developing your lessons and/or training
  • Other supporting resources

These videos will assist you in customizing your instructional practices so as to ensure that all students can be successful. You will learn how to design and implement instruction, and facilitate and assess progress in ways that can meet the needs of ALL your students.

Tape 1
Differentiated Instruction: A Focus on Inclusion
This video will target customized practices that are most effective in classrooms where special education students are fully included.

Tape 2
Differentiated Instruction: A Focus on the Gifted
This video will target customized practices that are most effective in classrooms that seek to challenge gifted/high achieving students.

The viewer will be able to:

- Identify the rational and value of differentiation
- Understand a framework for differentiating instruction in classrooms
- Observe specific examples of differentiated instruction in practice
- Present the framework to others using the accompanying Viewer's Guide

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