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The Hutterites - DVD ONF/NFB

Catalogue Number:  NFB523601
Producer:  National Film Board Of Canada
Producers:  Tom Daly, Roman Kroitor
Directors:  Colin Low
Producing Agencies:  National Film Board of Canada (Montreal), Office national du film du Canada (Montreal)
Subject:  Agriculture, Canadian Social Studies, Diversity, Documentary, Family Studies/Home Economics, Religious Studies, Social Studies
Language:  English
Grade Level:  Post Secondary
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  1964
Running Time:  27:56

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The followers of Jacob Hutter live in farm communities, devoutly holding to the rules their founder laid down. Through the kindness of a Hutterite colony in Alberta, this film, in black and white, was made inside the community and shows all aspects of the Hutterites' daily life.

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