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Prologue ONF/NFB

Catalogue Number:  NFB524008
Producer:  National Film Board Of Canada
Producers:  Robin Spry, Tom Daly
Directors:  Robin Spry
Producing Agencies:  National Film Board of Canada (Montreal), Office national du film du Canada (Montreal)
Subject:  Education, Fiction, Social Issues, Social Studies, Special Education
Language:  English
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  1969
Running Time:  87:45

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One critic described this film as an "immensely appealing and articulate exploration of the world of the drop-out, which makes almost everything else in the recent spate of films about hippydom seem adolescent." Prologue concerns a young Montréaler who edits an underground newspaper. He and his female companion are joined by a young draft dodger from the United States. In the choices they make, the two rival philosophies of dissenting youth become evident: militant protest or communal retreat. The film includes some of the bloody rioting in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Convention. Also seen and heard in the film is anti-war and civil rights spokesman Abbie Hoffman.

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