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A Bag of Marbles

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Catalogue Number:  PR4219
Producer:  Passion River Films
Producers:  Christian Duguay
Producing Agencies:  Gaumont Film Company
Subject:  Canadian World Studies, Documentary, Drama, History, Jewish Studies, Social Studies, World History
Language:  French
Grade Level:  6 - 8, 9 - 12, Post Secondary
Country Of Origin:  France
Copyright Year:  2017
Running Time:  112:17

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Canadian director, Christian Duguay, explores the Holocaust from the perspective of two young boys living in Nazi-occupied France. Based on the acclaimed memoirs of the same name by Joseph Joffo, this is a lavishly shot production that is brilliantly acted when brothers are forced to leave their close knit family behind for the free-zone along the French Riviera. The two young boys' chemistry is incredibly realistic. Duguay beautifully balances the high stake tension with some sweet and endearing moments between the two brothers and celebrates their innocence. While the film is a dark reminder of a horrible page in our history, its heart-warming story reminds us that there are still good people in our darkest moments.

French narration / English subtitles.


"The writing and its attendant characterizations have an undeniable integrity, the particular historical detail offered by the story is not common in films about this era, and the lead performers are moving." -The New York Times

"First-rate example of making difficult history relatable to younger generation" ​-Film Forward

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