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Catalogue Number:  PR4748
Producer:  Passion River Films
Subject:  Criminal Justice & Law, Current Events, Documentary, Guidance, Health and Medicine, Science, Social Issues, Social Sciences, Sociology, Women's Studies
Language:  English
Grade Level:  Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  United States
Copyright Year:  2019
Running Time:  85:00

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In all-American Boise, Idaho, an unexpected industry has emerged - commercial surrogacy. Here, one in fifteen mothers will carry a baby for a stranger at some point in her life. Its local hospital, St. Luke’s, has developed and runs the most comprehensive surrogacy program of its kind in the country.  MADE IN BOISE is the surprising story of four women who find purpose carrying other people’s babies here - the unofficial “surrogacy capital” of the United States - and encounter unexpected complexities along the way.  

About the filmmakers: Beth Aala is a three-time Emmy award-winning producer and recipient of a Peabody Award for her documentary work at HBO. Beth Levison is an Emmy and Peabody-winning producer/director.

"A FASCINATING look at surrogates and intending parents, as well as the medical and legal professionals that make surrogacy possible." - Deadline

"Made in Boise is a film full of COMPASSION, HEART, and an INTIMATE entry point into the human side of commercial surrogacy in the U.S." - Motherly​

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