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My Job Rocks Series

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Catalogue Number:  RVK000
Producer:  RVK Productions
Subject:  Career Education, Family Studies/Home Economics, Guidance, Tech/Voc
Language:  English
Grade Level:  6 - 8, 9 - 12
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2018

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My Job Rocks is an engaging, teen-oriented program that introduces Canadian youths to potential and trending career paths they otherwise may not know exist. Each episode includes entertaining interviews with professionals who are actually on the job — giving viewers a sense of daily duties, salary, education and required training.

The following careers are examined in the MY JOB ROCKS series:

Health Sciences & Wellness - Recreational  Therapist x 2, Paramedic x2, Nurse x 2, Chiropractor x 2, Optometrist x2, Clinical Pharmacist x 2, Dentist x 2, Genetic Counsellor, Psychologist, Cardiothoracic Radiologist, Orthotist, Gynaecologist, Respiratory Therapist, Veterinarian x 2, Doula, Audiologist, Art Therapist

Trades, Hospitality and Tourism - Chef, Welder x 2, Pastry Chef, Automotive Industrial Designer, Carpenter x 2, Aircraft Structures Technician, Elevator Mechanic, Hair Stylist and Salon Owner, Event Planner, Sustainable Builder, Restaurant/Nightclub Manager, Fashion Stylist

Information Technology - Videogame Developer, Web Developer x 2, VFX Artist x 2, Data Administrator, Software Developer, Digital Project Manager, Motion Graphics Designer

ARTS, AV Technology, and Communications - Radio Producer, Film Director, Storyboard Artist x 2, Photographer x 2, Blogger, Music Producer x 2, Novelist x 2, TV Editor, TV Host, Radio Host x 2, Acoustical Engineer, Gallery Director, Gamer, Toy Inventor, Sound Engineer

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics - Architect, Geologist, Civil Engineer x 2, Meteorologist x 2, Archeologist x 2, Cartographer, Toy Inventor, Flavourist, Storm Chaser, Forensic Technologist in Biology

Finance - Portfolio Manager x 2, Accountant

Government and Public Administration - Policy Analyst, City Planner x 2, Immigration Consultant, Municipal Councillor, Lawyer x 2, Politician

Sales, Business, Management, and Administration, Marketing - Global Compensation Specialist, Corporate Sales Manager, Business Development Officer, Fundraising Manager x 2, Real Estate Agent, Project Strategist

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security - Fire Chief, Chief of Police, RCMP Ship Rider x 2, Police Diver x 2, Criminologist, Forensic Technology in Firearms, Firefighter, Cave Diver, Commercial Diver

Human Services - Barber, Motor Sports Instructor, Sports Coach, Fitness Instructor, Snowboard Coach, Skydiving Instructor, Funeral Director, Senior Tour Manager

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources - Wildlife Control Officer, Egg Farmer, Bee Keeper x 2, Zoo Keeper x 2, Water Resources Manager x 2, Arborist x 2, Food Scientist x 2, Horticulturist, Sustainability Coordinator

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics - Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Transportation Planner x 2, Locomotive Engineer

Education and Training - Youth Counsellor x 2, Teacher, Sign Language Interpreter, Principal x 2, Librarian, Archivist x 2

NOTE: Some titles have 2 versions – a short 5-6 minute overview and a longer 11 minute version.

153 Episodes, 5 to 11 minutes each.

** School Boards, please contact us for streaming package pricing. **

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