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Reimagining Reading

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Catalogue Number:  000148CD
ISBN Number:  978-157110-347-5
Producer:  Stenhouse Publishers
Subject:  Professional Development
Language:  English
Grade Level:  Educators
Country Of Origin:  U.S.
Copyright Year:  2001

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Be our guest at one of Janet Allen's popular Literacy Institutes, recorded live in Jacksonville, Florida. Thoughtful, amusing, and ever practical, Janet discusses and explores many of the difficulties every literacy educator faces daily, including:

-understanding the elements that get in the way of reading success;choosing texts that match the needs and interests of children and adolescents
-using multiple approaches to reading--read aloud, shared, guided, and independent--to build solid reading foundations for all learners
-finding specific strategies to overcome challenges to content literacy
-developing strategies for effective instruction in vocabulary development; -building on the mutual supports of reading and writing to increase language fluency and content knowledge
-finding and using appropriate resources for assessment and evaluation that inform classroom instruction
-combining all these elements into a comprehensive literacy-based classroom.

Each of these elements is supported by published research and writing, as well as Janet's twenty years as a classroom teacher. Her humor will hold your attention, and her vignettes of classroom experiences will resonate with every teacher who has spent days or years trying to help children and adolescents discover literate lives.

About the Author
Janet Allen is an international consultant recognized for her comprehensive work in reading education. After teaching reading and English for nearly twenty years in Maine, Janet relocated to the University of Central Florida.

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