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The Millionaire Murders: W5

Catalogue Number:  CTV964
Producer:  CTV
Producers:  Mitchell, Brett
Directors:  Hughes, David
Producing Agencies:  CTV Television
Subject:  Animation, Arts, Business Studies, Canadian Social Issues, Criminal Justice & Law, Current Events, Documentary, Social Issues, Social Sciences, Tech/Voc
Language:  English
Grade Level:  Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2024
Running Time:  22:02

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W5 travels to Dominica to investigate the brutal murders of Daniel Langlois and Dominique Marchand - two beloved Montrealers who were well known and admired in Quebec’s creative circles. In the 1980s, Langlois created groundbreaking tools for animation and visual effects. He brought human emotion to the big screen through animated characters, as some of the tools he developed were used to create visual effects in films like "The Matrix" and "Jurassic Park."

There were many questions left unanswered after their murders. There had been a bitter feud and court case over a public road that led to Coulibri Ridge, the sustainable eco-resort that was their dream project. Friends of the couple are still hoping that there will be justice for Langlois and Marchand, and are determined to keep their legacy alive.

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