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Piper's Pony Tales Playlist

Catalogue Number:  ESM000PL
Producer:  Epic Story Media
Subject:   Character Education
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2
Copyright Year:  2021
Running Time:  13 x 3:00

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When Piper makes up stories about her best horse friends, they magically come to life through the power of her imagination, transporting her and her pals into amazing adventures! The show speaks to a stage in a child’s life where the power of imagination makes everything possible. Each episode is sparked by the emergence of Piper’s fantasy which catapults her into adventures that are the aspirational stuff of dreams come true. It is there where she experiences first freedoms and first failures that come with exploring what it means to have increased independence and responsibility.

Includes 13 episodes 3:00-4:00min each

Episodes Include:

Best Friends Forever - When Piper makes friendship bracelets for Paloma, Casey and herself, the horses feel left out. The riders learn that best friends means riders and horses, together!

The Disappearing Snack - On a campout, Piper is excited to be in charge of the snacks. But when she focuses on the riders’ snacks first, the horses take over, teaching her a lesson about who needs to be fed first.

Sleeping Outside Is A Hoot - On a campout near the stables, the kids are looking forward to a comfy night in their tent, but when the horses are spooked by an owl, it’s more important to sleep under the stars with them. And more fun, too!

Bunny Busniess - When Rayna won’t come out of her stall, even for a treat, it’s up to Paloma and Piper to find out what’s upsetting the horse.

Eggzactly! - Piper surprises her friends with a game of “egg and spoon race” using giant spoons and a horse toy. But Tuck is more interested in playing his own game of "keep away," forcing the gang to use horse psychology to win.

Hide n' Seek Spark - Paloma and Casey find their horses with ease during a game of hide and seek. But when Piper struggles to find Spark, her friends offer an inventive solution to track him down.

To Muck or To Play - Piper is mucking out the stables while Casey plays with Tuck and Spark. Piper gets frustrated – she’d rather play than muck out too – and so she and Casey work on a solution: everyone helping with mucking means everyone can play – together!

Super Rescue Riders - When Piper and Casey find themselves bored, they decide to play Super Rescue Riders – but can’t find anyone or anything to rescue... that is, until they rescue their horses from boredom too, and ride off into the sunset.

A Spring Treasure Hunt - Piper is looking forward to a successful scavenger hunt, but when Spark wants to take an alternate route, Piper worries she won’t find the items she needs –- until she realizes that Spark is taking her to the right spot after all!

Horsing Around - Piper is determined to finish a chore, transferring apples from small baskets into a large bushel basket. But a mischievous Spark and Tuck keep dumping the apples out of the bushel so that they can play a game of horse basketball.

Dragon Bridge - Piper wants to cross the castle bridge, until she hears that a dragon lives underneath. This spooks Spark, but she manages to convince him it's just a silly story, and they make it across together –- until they look back and see a friendly dragon waving goodbye.

The Big Brush Off - Paloma shows off her extensive grooming routine for Rayna, but Casey and Piper keep accidentally getting their horses messy. And that makes Rayna want in on the fun!

Dress Up, Not Dressage - Paloma appears at a dress-up parade in the paddock – but she thought it was dressage, not dress-up! She and Rayna need a costume. Piper helps them dress up lickety-split, and together they create the most wonderful horse-and-rider costume ever.

Streaming Rights Not Available for Post Secondary Institutions.

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