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HistoryLands Series (65)

Catalogue Number:  GEHL00S
Producer:  Good Earth Productions
Subject:  Canadian Geography, Canadian History, First Nations Studies, Global Studies, History
Language:  English
Grade Level:  Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Running Time:  65 x 30 min

DVD Price:  $3,835.00
3 year post-secondary streaming price:  $5,752.50
DVD+3yr Post-Sec Stream Price:  $7,670.00
3yr K-12 Stream Price :  $3,835.00
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From the Plains of Abraham in Quebec, to Old Town Lunenberg in Nova Scotia and Dawson City in the Yukon, Historylands documents 65 of Canada's most compelling National Historic Sites. The series travels across the country bringing to life both the prehistoric and recorded history of Canada's most famous landmarks; from the ancient Blackfoot Buffalo Jump, Head-Smashed-In in southern Alberta, to the Diefenbunker, a chilling relic from the Cold War. To fully understand where we are today, it is vital for us, as Canadians, to understand our past. Historylands offers a window into some of the most important events and sites in Canadian history.

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