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Bullying Awareness Playlist (8 Programs)

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Catalogue Number:  MCI710
Subject:  Character Education, Guidance
Language:  English

1yr K-12 Stream Price:  $650.00
Single-Site Only
3yr K-12 Stream Price :  $950.00
Single-Site Only
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Great selection of award-winning programs for elementary and secondary students. Programs include:

  • The "Are You a Bully?" Test
  • Digital SMARTS: Behaving Ethically Online
  • Words That Hurt
  • Frenemies: Unhealthy Friendships and What to Do about Them
  • SCHOOL RULES: Being a Good Citizen at School
  • Confessions of a Bully
  • SextEd
  • Gum In My Hair (Version 2.0): How to Cope with Bullying

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