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The Sisters Teacher Education Playlist (10 Programs)

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Catalogue Number:  MCI734PL
Subject:  Professional Development
Language:  English
Grade Level:  Educators
Country Of Origin:  U.S.

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Gail Boushey and Joan Moser are known simply as "The Sisters" to teachers over the world. Their acclaimed programs on literacy instruction and classroom design can be found in thousands of classrooms. They are the authors of the best selling books The Daily Five and The CAFE Book, as well as many DVDs.

Their reflective practice and combined experience of +40 years has led to the development of "The Daily 5" a structure for fostering literacy independence in the elementary grades. They are internationally known consultants who passionately share their expertise creating beautiful spaces for learning in classrooms, assessment - driven instruction and meaningful literacy.

"The Sisters" playlist is a collection of their 10 videos. The library includes over 16 hours of footage filmed by an award-winning crew, all in 4 to 9 minute sequences of lessons, conferences, small groups, and classroom makeovers. The videos in the Playlist are listed below:

  1. CAFÉ in the Classroom: Helping Children Visualize Literacy GoalsIntermediate 
  2. Cafe in the Classroom: Helping Children Readers Thrive in Grades 3-6
  3. The Daily Five Alive: Strategies for Literacy Independence
  4. Intermediate Daily 5: Fostering Independent Learnng in Grades 3-6
  5. Daily 5 in Kindergarte
  6. Inside Leadership: Daily 5 and CAFE Coaching and Collaboration in Schools
  7. One Morning: The Daily 5 and CAFE in 1st Grade
  8. Simply Beautiful: Classroom Design for Gracious Living and Learning
  9. Simply Beautiful: Middle School Edition
  10. Simply Organized: Classroom Libraries and Storage Area

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