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A Teaching Moment with Liz Miller (Featuring the Shore Line Project)

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Catalogue Number:  PRO001
Producer:  Elizabeth Miller
Producing Agencies:  Elizabeth Miller
Subject:  Business Studies, Environmental Studies, Professional Development, Science
Language:  English
Grade Level:  Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2020
Running Time:  7:55

Price:  Call for pricing.

*** This is a FREE Webinar. ***

In these extraordinary times, we have reached out to some of our amazing Canadian producers who have kindly recorded short webinars featuring their video titles that can be accessed with your ON-CORE or CAN-CORE subscription. These “Teaching Moments” will give teachers insight into how you can share these programs with your students and some amazing tips for incorporating them into your online lessons. Our first “Teaching Moment” is with Elizabeth Miller, a documentary filmmaker and professor at Concordia University. She is interested in new approaches to community collaborations and documentary as a way to connect personal stories to larger social concerns.  The Shore Line Project profiles the efforts of educators, artists, architects, scientists, city planners, and youth organizations from nine countries who are confronting coastal challenges with persistence and imagination. By featuring stories of resilience from shoreline communities around the world, we hope to inspire diverse ways of responding to our changing environment. 

"I used The Shore Line in my Humanities Ethics course (345-BXH-DW) to introduce theories of environmental ethics with excellent results. Students’ interest was palpable and their feedback on the exercise was unanimously positive. Based on this success, I now plan to develop another class using The Shore Line for my World Views course (345-102-MQ), focussing on Indigenous worldviews and ways of knowing in connection with attitudes to land and water. These initial applications, I believe, are but small examples of the pedagogical potential of The Shore Line project.

As a Cegep educator teaching Humanities courses (Knowledge, World Views and Ethics) at Dawson College, I have found The Shore Line particularly helpful as a pedagogical tool that is not only rich in relevant content, but also structured in a way that effortlessly engages students in learning.

Indeed, one of the challenges for Humanities instructors often lies in awakening students to the inherent value of developing a broad interest and understanding of a range of topics that are crucial to their development as well-rounded and critically engaged participants in public life. For young students, the pressure of choosing narrowly targeted paths that are perceived as necessary for educational and career success comes at the risk of excluding important and valuable areas of interest.

In this respect, through the wide range of topics that it addresses, The Shore Line stimulates students’ natural curiosity, introducing topics that may fall outside the scope of their program, but which remain vital nonetheless. More importantly, the interactive and audiovisual format of the project empowers students with the freedom to direct their own research in a highly evocative and memorable way." - Cegep Educator - Dawson College

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