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Woodwriter: The Wordless Art of George A. Walker

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Catalogue Number:  TONC00
Producer:  The Order of Nervous Chickens
Producing Agencies:  The Order of Nervous Chickens
Subject:  Arts, Documentary, Literature, Music, Social Sciences
Language:  English
Grade Level:  9 - 12, Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2022
Running Time:  68:35

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Wood engraver, book artist, master printer and time traveler — George A. Walker has created a distinct world of books, imagery and ideas. His latest inspiration is the silent screen star Mary Pickford, whose life he explores in his final wordless biography. Woodwriter follows the journey from a blank maple wood block to a sculptural hand-made book, and visits with other Canadian icons like Leonard Cohen, Tom Thomson, Pierre Trudeau, and Conrad Black along the way. This delightful film about art and its makers, peppered with Canadian culture, shows that the past and present never stop talking to each other – even if it’s without words.

Jeff Winch is an independent Canadian artist who produces films, videos, photography and installations. His work explores a diverse range of interests and approaches. Dogs, underdogs, silent film, faded photographs and most recently, a curious wood engraver, all populate his idiosyncratic body of work. He has exhibited internationally at festivals and galleries, and his films and videos have been televised in Europe and North America.

Woodwriter has won the award for Best Arts and Culture Documentary at the Yorkton Film Festival.

“The delicacy and intelligence of George Walker’s print-making seems to have come to us from a bygone age. Fortunately, we have George with us now.” – Author Neil Gaiman

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