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Weston Woods Compilation DVDs

Catalogue Number:  WWCOMP
Producer:  Weston Woods
Subject:  Children's Stories, Language Arts, Weston Woods Compilation DVDs
Language:  English
Country Of Origin:  United States
Running Time:  Various
Closed Captions:  Yes

Price:  Call for pricing.

These collections provide an economical way to purchase your favourite titles. Each thematic collection contains two or more stories on a single DVD, along with on-screen activity guides and read along option.

Each thematic collection contains two or more stories on a single DVD.

NOTE: All DVDs are closed captioned and sub-titled.

$79.95 each

Series Titles
Product No.Title
WW1302Five Lionni Classics (DVD)
WW1320Weston Woods - 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition DVD
WW2581Weston Woods - 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition DVD
WW2882Favourite Folk Tales - Vol. I
WW2930Stories for African American History Month
WW2931Stories for Presidents' Day
WW2932Knuffle Bunny Trilogy, The
WW2933Sing-Along Stories - Vol. II
WW2934Seasons and Changes, Vol. II
WW2935Caldecott Collection - Volume II
WW2936Laurie Keller LIbrary, The Vol. I
WW2940Stories from the Black Lagoon
WW2941Peter H. Reynolds' Creatrilogy
WW2942Dinosaur Stories
WW2943Jon Scieszka Library, The
WW2944Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type and More Stories from the Farm
WW2945Caldecott Collection - Volume III
WW2946Slightly Scary Stories for Halloween, Vol. III
WW2947Laurie Keller Library,The, Vol. II
WW2968Bob Barner Library, The
WW2996Caldecott Collection - Volume IV
WW2997Fletcher's Seasons
WW2998Favourite Folk Tales - Vol. II
WW2999Stories for Women's History Month
WW3024Stories About the Declaration of Independence
WW3025Caldecott Collection, Vol. V
WW3026Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed and Other Funny Stories from Mo Willems
WW3027Carnegie Collection, The Vol. I
WW440Slightly Scary Stories for Halloween (DVD)
WW441Winter Holiday Stories I (DVD)
WW449Rosemary Wells Library, The
WW471Tomie dePaola Library (DVD)
WW490Robert McCloskey Library, The
WW491Maurice Sendak Library, The (DVD)
WW494Snowy Day and other Caldecott Classics, The (DVD)
WW496Ezra Jack Keats Library (DVD)
WW499William Steig Library, The (DVD)
WW589Stories for Thanksgiving (DVD)
WW590James Marshall Favorite Fairy Tales (DVD)
WW591Seasons and Changes, Vol. I
WW592Back to School Stories (DVD)
WW603Stories About Growing Up (DVD)
WW604Be Proud! Be Brave! Be Kind! (DVD)
WW605Favourite Fairy Tales I (DVD)
WW607Teaching Tolerance (DVD)
WW609Stories About Ralph S. Mouse (DVD)
WW610Hans Christian Andersen Stories I (DVD)
WW626Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears and Other Classics (DVD)
WW627Stories from the Hispanic Tradition (DVD)
WW629Stories From the Farm (DVD)
WW630BIClasicos Caldecott
WW631Music Comes Alive (DVD)
WW632Stories About the Earth (DVD)
WW633From One to a Million: Counting Concepts (DVD)
WW634James Marshall's Space Case Stories (DVD)
WW658Magical Stories (DVD)
WW659Family Stories (DVD)
WW660Famous Author Documentaries (DVD)
WW661Mercer Mayer Frog Stories (DVD)
WW662People at Work (DVD)
WW664Sing-Along Stories - Vol. I
WW665Spring Science Collection
WW667Stories From Near and Far (DVD)
WW680Simms Taback Stories (DVD)
WW681Inspiring Figures: Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald (DVD)
WW682Back to School Again (DVD)
WW683Rainy Day Stories (DVD)
WW693More Stories from Near and Far (DVD)
WW694American Tall Tales (DVD)
WW695Favourite Fairy Tales II (DVD)
WW696Hans Christian Andersen Stories II (DVD)
WW815Picture Book Classics I (DVD)
WW816Stories for the Very Young - Vol. 1
WW817Stories for the Very Young - Vol. 2
WW818Caldecott Collection - Volume I
WW819Be Safe!
WW820Robert McCloskey's Homer Price Stories
WW822Favourite Folk Songs
WW823Slightly Scary Stories - Vol. 2
WW824Winter Holiday Stories II (DVD)
WW825Stories that Rhyme
WW826Famous Author Documentaries - Volume II
WW837Picture Book Classics II (DVD)
WW838Stories About Caring and Sharing
WW839Stories About Harold
WW840Stories About Angus
WW841Stories About Henry
WW842Favourite Animal Stories, Volume I
WW843Favourite Animal Stories, Volume II
WW844Stories to Compare and Contrast
WW845Stories From Africa
WW846Teaching Tolerance, Volume II
WW847Asian Folk Tales
WW866Cats and Dogs
WW867Lost and Found
WW868Picture Book Classics III

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