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DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS080

Dinopaws follows three bold, brave and sweet dinosaurs, Gwen, Bob and Tony, on their mighty...

The Thing That Blew: DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS023

The Thing That Broke: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS040

The Thing That Called 'Bob': Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS042

The Thing That Danced: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS026

The Thing That Fell Down: DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS019

Bob wishes he could see one of the beautiful twinkles in the night sky up close and is thrilled...

The Thing That Fell Up: DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS018

Gwen decides to add a beautimost colourful flutterfly to her one-of-everything collection but when...

The Thing That Followed: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS045

The Thing That Knew Everything: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS048

The Thing That Made Tony Feel Safe: DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS022

Tony decides to take his huge safety boulder with him wherever he goes but it keeps getting the...

The Thing That Shone: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS065

Three young Dinopaws and their parents recount the story of Gwen, Bob and Tony on one dark cold...

The Thing That Talked: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS029

The Thing That Wanted to Be Alone: DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS017

Bob, Gwen and Tony meet a Dinopaw called Mabel who tells them how great it is to be alone. Our...

The Thing That Wanted To Sleep: DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS025

Our trio discover their slide is not a slide but a really big Dinopaw who was asleep, now he wants...

The Thing That Was Almost Tony: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS053

The Thing That Was At The End Of The World: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS062

The Thing That Was Cosy: DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS021

Tony falls asleep in a soft, cosy spot but his cosy jumps up and runs away with him – how will...

The Thing That Was For Keeping: DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS020

The Dinopaws decide to get some stuff of their own to keep forever and ever but what will they do...

The Thing That Was Open and Closey: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS063

The Thing That Was Round: DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS015

Gwen loses her special smiley round on a pebble beach full of rounds! Can Bob and Tony find it...

The Thing That Wasn’t There: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS064

The Thing That We Looked Through: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS041

The Thing That We Saved: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS057

The Thing That We Scared: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS058

The Thing That Wobbled: DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS024

Gwen leads Bob and Tony through a valley of wobbly rocks so they don’t knock any over but will...

The Thing We'd Never Seen Before: DinoPaws Series

Guru Studio GRS016

The Dinopaws meet the longest Dinopaw in the world who tells them they’ll see something like...

The Things That Went Somewhere: Dinopaws Series

Guru Studio GRS061

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