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Conversion: Small Town Queer, Ep. 2

Snapshot Studios Inc. SNAP03

Jay Whitehead just wanted to belong. After he came out to his church, he was sent to conversion...

Out in Oil Town: Small Town Queer, Ep. 1

Snapshot Studios Inc. SNAP02

Fort McMurray, Alberta is home to a growing LGBTQ2S+ community. In this episode of Small Town...

Senior in Transition: Small Town Queer, Ep. 3

Snapshot Studios Inc. SNAP04

Karen La Hay has been waiting for a long time. The 68 year-old recently came out as a transgender...

Small Town Queer Series

Snapshot Studios Inc. SNAP01

When you live in a small town, coming out is a big deal. Small Town Queer is a three-part short...

Undetectable: How Stigma Has Gone Viral in the Fight against HIV

Snapshot Studios Inc. SNAP00

Canada has the solution to end HIV infections and stop the world-wide AIDS epidemic. So why are...

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