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Voices Of Courage

This title is a part of the playlist Remembrance Day Playlist .

Catalogue Number:  CTV485
Producer:  CTV
Subject:   Canadian History, Canadian Social Issues, Canadian Social Studies, Holidays, World History
Language:  English
Grade Level:  9 - Post Secondary
Country of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2010
Running Time:  26

DVD Price:  $99.95
Pay Per View Price:  $12.95
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VOICES OF COURAGE, a CTV Remembrance Day special featuring four veterans and their personal experiences of war, carnage and courage, and the toll it has taken on their lives as survivors. The special features Pat Stogran, Canada's Veterans' Ombudsman, who talks passionately about his time in the forces and issues facing vets today.The short vignettes, tell stories of World War II Veterans Ed Carter-Edwards, Bernard Finestone, Corinne Kernan-vigny, Cyril Roach. A riveting and touching portrayal of the men and women who have served Canada and fought for our freedom.

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