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Albi (Season 1) Playlist

Catalogue Number:  ESM094PL
Producer:  Epic Story Media
Subject:   Character Education
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2
Copyright Year:  2014
Running Time:  26 x 5:00

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In this international hit non-verbal, animated children’s show, ALBI IS A JOVIAL SNOWMAN, who lives in the land of eternal snow, together with a little birdie and a worm. These two have made a nest into the empty can of tomato soup, which Albi wears as a hat. To Albi, home is where the snow is, but the lack of furniture gives the place a not-so-homely feel. Albi has a stroke of genius, and he starts to build an armchair out of snow. The idea flourishes and soon he has a cozy home. These adorable characters, simple but engaging stories create positive social and emotional messaging that is developmentally appropriate for young viewers.

Includes 26 episodes 5:00min each

Episodes Include:

A Chair - Albi creates a chair and has a hard time sitting in it.

Music - Albi creates a record player that doesn't quite work.

Dancing - Albi practices his dancing.

A Light - Albi has difficulty creating a lamp.

A Mirror - Albi creates a mirror that does more than reflect.

A Clock - Albi creates a clock and tries to control time.

A Broom - Albi creates a robotic broom that breaks down.

A Toilet - Albi creates a  but has a hard time using it.

A Bed - Albi creates a bed that wheels him around.

A Table - Albi creates a table that becomes doglike.

A Television - Albi creates a television that does more than expected.

A Door - Albi is entertained by a door.

A Home - Albi creates a castle with a mind of its own.

A Telephone - Albi makes prank calls.

A Chicken - Albi tries to hatch chickens.

A Playground - Albi as fun in a playground.

A Rocket - Albi flies through space.

A Car - Albi needs assistance to get his car working.

A Statue - Albi and friends sculpt statues.

A Magician - Albi practices his magic tricks.

Skis - Albi has difficulty skiing.

A Garden - Albi does some gardening.

A Dog - Albi creates a snow dog.

A Resort - Albi creates a home resort.

A Boat - Albi has a boating adventure.

A Job - Albi practices working an office job.

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