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Albi (Season 2) Playlist

Catalogue Number:  ESM095PL
Producer:  Epic Story Media
Subject:   Character Education
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2
Copyright Year:  2017
Running Time:  5:00

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In this international hit non-verbal, animated children’s show, ALBI IS A JOVIAL SNOWMAN, who lives in the land of eternal snow, together with a little birdie and a worm. These two have made a nest into the empty can of tomato soup, which Albi wears as a hat. To Albi, home is where the snow is, but the lack of furniture gives the place a not-so-homely feel. Albi has a stroke of genius, and he starts to build an armchair out of snow. The idea flourishes and soon he has a cozy home. These adorable characters, simple but engaging stories create positive social and emotional messaging that is developmentally appropriate for young viewers.

Includes 26 episodes 5:00min each

Episodes Include:

RennovationAlbi does some renovations

BarberAlbi does some hair styling

RobotAlbi creates a robot

Traffic Police Albi practices traffic control

A BabyAlbi does some baby role play

A Video GameAlbi creates a video game that goes beyond the video

A MoatAlbi creates a moat that expands to the sea

Talent ShowAlbi puts on a talent show

A GymAlbi participates in various exercises and workouts

A DoctorAlbi becomes a doctor

A FluteAlbi plays a flute and various instruments

A Robot DogAlbi creates a robot dog

A Treasure HunterAlbi goes on a treasure hunt

A Space ScientistAlbi observes space through a telescope

A CloudAlbi deals with a pesky snow cloud

A Secret AgentAlbi has an investigative adventure

DatingAlbi searches for his true love

A Plumber Albi creates a running sink

WeatherAlbi practices meteorology

An AstronautAlbi visits the moon

A Petrol Station - Albi runs a petrol station

A MechanicAlbi practices mechanics skills

The Deep BlueAlbi explores underwater in a submarine

A Puppet Albi creates a snowman that comes to life

An InventorAlbi invents some interesting things

Santa ClausAlbi is in a festive spirit and gets a surprise visit

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In this international hit non-verbal, animated children’s show, ALBI IS A JOVIAL SNOWMAN, who...

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