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The Mutual Pursuit of the Full Life: 12 Neighbors Series

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This title is a part of the series 12 Neighbors Series

Catalogue Number:  HHP029
Producer:  Hemmings House Pictures
Producers:  Lebrun, Marcel
Producing Agencies:  Hemmings House Pictures
Subject:  Canadian Social Issues, Canadian World Studies, Character Education, Citizenship Education, Consumer Studies, Documentary, Family Studies/Home Economics, Global Issues, Global Studies, Guidance, Health and Medicine, Psychology, Seniors, Social Issues, Social Sciences, Social Studies, Sociology
Language:  English
Grade Level:  9 - 12, Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2018
Running Time:  16:05

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This final episode of the 12 Neighbors series ties together the 5 keys to truly loving your neighbor, as our thought leaders explore two important questions: What is the opposite of poverty and marginalization? What is the ultimate goal? What does “living a full life” look like to them?

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