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No Hard Fillings/Sweet Jewelry: Louis Says Season 2 (Cree Version)

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This title is a part of the series Louis Says: Season 2 (Cree Version)

Catalogue Number:  LSC012
Producer:  Louis Says Productions Inc.
Subject:  Canadian Social Studies, Character Education, Children's Stories, First Nations Studies, Guidance, Language Arts, Social Studies
Language:  Cree
Grade Level:  PreK - 2
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2015
Running Time:  22:00

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Episode 1A - No Hard Fillings: 

Randy must take something thôskâw (soft) and maskawâw (hard) to Mrs. Charles so she can make a doll. Aboriginal people used to stuff dolls with hair from animals or with cattail grass.  

Episode 1B - Sweet Jewelry: 

Randy must use beads to make a birthday present. Louis asks him to make a kiskinawâcihôkispison (bracelet) and a tâpiskâkanîmin (necklace). When he runs out of beads, Katie shows him how to make jewelry using cereal hoops. Jewelry is an important part of aboriginal tradition. 

** Spoken in Cree with English subtitles. **


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