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Broken Bones: Earth to Luna, Season 5

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This title is a part of the series Earth to Luna, Season 5

Catalogue Number:  MON658
Producer:  Monster Entertainment
Producers:  Rozzino, Ricardo
Directors:  Catunda, Celia
Producing Agencies:  TV PinGuim
Subject:  Animation, Arts, Nature, Science, Social Studies
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2, 3 - 5
Country Of Origin:  United Kingdom
Copyright Year:  2019
Running Time:  11:04

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After falling off her bike, Luna comes back from the doctor with her arm in a cast. When Jupiter and Clyde see the cast they are very worried. Luna tells them the doctor said it’s just too keep the arm immobilized until it’s fixed. But… Jupiter and Clyde just have to make sure that it’ll really work

Learning Objectives:

Discover that our bones have calcium and understand that they can rebuild themselves when broken.


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