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Anders Hayden: A Good Life Redefined - The Green Interview Series

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This title is a part of the series The Green Interview Series

Catalogue Number:  PT0009
Producer:  Paper Tiger
Directors:  Becket, Chris
Producing Agencies:  Paper Tiger and Arcadia Video
Subject:  Criminal Justice & Law, Current Events, Environmental Studies, First Nations Studies, Global Issues, Social Issues, Social Sciences
Language:  English
Grade Level:  9 - 12, Post Secondary
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2016
Running Time:  53:00
Closed Captions:  Yes

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This episode of The Green Interview features Anders Hayden, author of Sharing the Work Sparing the Planet and When Green Growth is Not Enough: Climate Change, Ecological Modernization, and Sufficiency. A leading proponent of new work schedules, Hayden argues that working people have historically pushed for reduced hours since the start of the industrial revolution to create more jobs and to "live dignified and healthy lives,' but that today there is an additional recognition of ecological limits. He argues that the idea of infi nite growth is no longer an option at a time when current levels of consumption in industrialized countries have become unsustainable and that the promise of the benefits of technological advance and growth have also not been realized. He says that we should be focusing on sufficiency rather than efficiency and that it's time to collectively advance a new vision of wealth, one that offers real security and well being.


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