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IZHITAAWIN (WAABANDA'IWEWIN): Future History: Harnessing Knowledge, Season 1, Ojibway Version

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This title is a part of the series Future History: Harnessing Knowledge, Season 1, Ojibway Version

Catalogue Number:  RS0011OJ
Producer:  Redcloud Studios
Producing Agencies:  Redcloud Studios
Subject:  Arts, Canadian History, Canadian Social Studies, Documentary, Family Studies/Home Economics, First Nations Studies, Guidance, Health, History, Indigenous Issues, Indigenous Peoples, Social Studies, Sociology
Language:  Ojibway
Grade Level:  6 - 8, 9 - 12, Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2018
Running Time:  22:00

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Sarain dash Kris dibajimowag owe mewinzha aaniin gaagi ezhiwebiziyaad anishinaabeg zhigo ge anishinaabe izhichigewinan. Izhaawag gwayak Cape Croker wii-nando ganoonaawaad dibajimo ikwe Lenore Keeshig mii owe gaa dazhindang awiiyaawag gaa-gimoodiwaad anishinaabe dibajimowinan. Mii iwedi Toronto owiidookawaawaan Sage Paul ozhitoowaad mazinijiganag mii go onji anishinaabe babagiwayaaniigin. Kris dash Sarain onando waabamaawaan Nadine St.Louis gaa-izhi anookiidaaged Ashukan Cultural Space iwedi Montreal dash ge Multimedia Artist Jay Soule omaa Toronto ezhi gikendamaazowaad aaniin inake ge izhi wiikojitoowaad anishinaabe mazinaabii’igewin.

Hosts Sarain and Kris discuss the problematic history and current trends of cultural appropriation. They speak with Cultural Educator and Storyteller Lenore Keeshig who talks about the practice of “stealing stories.” They assist Designer/Curator Sage Paul in creating their own Indigenous fashion art installation. Kris and Sarain then visit Nadine St. Louis, Social Entrepreneur and Owner of Ashukan Cultural Space in Montreal and Multimedia Artist Jay Soule in Toronto and discover the many ways both reclaim Indigenous Arts.

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