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Rethink Series

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Catalogue Number:  SWED93
Producer:  Switch
Producing Agencies:  Switch International
Subject:  Arts, Documentary, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences
Language:  English
Grade Level:  9 - 12, Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  Australia
Copyright Year:  2018
Running Time:  312:00

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In this series, we step back and take a second look to discover the weird, the quaint, and the downright bizarre.

Series Titles
Product No.Title
SWED100Illusion of Truth Effect, Tilt Shift Photography, Night Hag Syndrome, Tightrope Walking, Rethinker - Maria Spelterini: Rethink Series
SWED1013D Stereoscopy, Van de Graaff Generator, Temporal Illusion, Overtone Singing, Rethinker - Robert Van De Graaff: Rethink Series
SWED102Eye Floaters, Sword Swallowing, Contact Juggling, Jump Cut, Rethinker - Georges Méliès: Rethink Series
SWED103Colour Changing Milk, Chroma Key, Math Mentalism, Leidenfrost Effect, Rethinker - Linwood G. Dunn: Rethink Series
SWED104Shades of Colour Illusions, Body Transfer Illusion, Liars Paradox, Video and the Illusion of Moving Pictures, Rethinker - Epimenides: Rethink Series
SWED105Sleight of Hand, Gravity Water Bottle, Dunning Kruger Effect, Telescope Time Machine, Rethinker - Harry Houdini: Rethink Series
SWED106Shadowgraphy, Cardistry, Saccadic Masking, Hearing Age, Rethinker - Félicien Trewey: Rethink Series
SWED94Impossible Objects, Seeing Faces, The Floating Guru, Infinite Chocolate, Rethinker - M.C. Escher: Rethink Series
SWED95Forced Perspective, Living Dough, Infinity Mirror, Bed of Nails, Rethinkers - Ishirō Honda and Merian C. Cooper: Rethink Series
SWED96Ambigram, Grandfather Paradox, Shepard Tone illusion, Density Cocktail, Rethinker - Peter Newell: Rethink Series
SWED97Photorealism, McGurk Effect, Golden Ratio, Pepper's Ghost, Rethinker - Leonardo Da Vinci: Rethink Series
SWED98Magician's Choice, Zeno's Paradoxes of Motion, Blacklight, Levitation Tricks, Rethinker - David Blaine: Rethink Series
SWED99Rotoscoping, Card Force, Juggling, Smartphone Magic, Rethinker - Max Fleischer: Rethink Series

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