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Hunting in Packs

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Catalogue Number:  TVP112
Producer:  Video Project, Inc.
Producers:  Donegan, Hannah
Directors:  Sosa-Sims, Chloe
Producing Agencies:  Fathom Film Group Ltd.
Subject:  Canadian Politics, Canadian World Studies, Current Events, Documentary, Politics, Social Sciences, Women's Studies
Language:  English
Grade Level:  9 - 12, Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  United States
Copyright Year:  2022
Running Time:  82:08

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Delving into the high-stakes and absurd institutions of western politics, Hunting in Packs follows politicians Pramila Jayapal (Democrat, US), Michelle Rempel Garner (Conservative, Canada), and Jess Philips (Labour, UK) through elections, leadership campaigns and their efforts to enact bold new policies.

What happens when strong-willed women join the circus of politics? How do they create change? Make real policy? Achieve their goals? Though the three politicians in this film represent different ends of the political spectrum with different constituents and vastly different agendas, they share one common fight: They are all enacting bold policy in the face of an outdated political establishment. Sometimes that fight pits them against their country's leaders, and can even pit them against their own political parties as they navigate gendered double-standards within their respective systems of government. 

In the UK, Philips faces a turbulent time as she fights to protect the most vulnerable from being cast aside in the haste of Brexit, namely working-class and immigrant women facing domestic abuse. She goes up against naysayers who try to intimate her into quiet submission. In Canada, Rempel Garner is prepared to fight for the people of Alberta to create regional jobs in the energy sector. Fighting with Prime Minister Trudeau every step of the way, she also begins to challenge her own party to represent a more female-forward vision. In the United States, the film follows Jayapal as she pushes forward Medicare for all, her flagship policy, and tries to build a coalition of progressive power in Washington, D.C., all the while going up against the majority of the House.

Just as each woman begins to make progress, they are thrown into the mayhem of elections and leadership campaigns and are expected to shift gears for "the good" of their leaders and parties. As each woman's portrait becomes fully realized, the viewer must come to their own conclusions as to whether current systems in Western democracies allows for their success. Through the stories of these three legislators, Hunting in Packs offers a nuanced examination of  contemporary governments being rocked by the deep polarization of party politics.

Strong language. 

Streaming rights not available for Post Secondary institutions.


Manchester Film Festival

Hot Docs

FIN Atlantic International Film Festival

Woodstock Film Festival


"With the recent surge of women in politics, director Chloe Sosa-Sims' timely feature debut focuses on three political stars in three countries."— Hot Docs

"Sosa-Sims knows [that possessing the XX chromosome doesn't guarantee progressive politics]. She wisely avoids suggesting a woman is only one thing by presenting three complex characters. See how they fare inside the system."— POV Magazine

"Compelling viewing... Balanced, insightful and entertaining, Sosa-Sims' doc illustrates the double standards that exist in politics, and tips its hat to the hardworking women willing to challenge the status quo."— Movie Pie

"Great, behind-the-scenes look at women in politics over the course of a few years, and the particular abuse they face... An entertaining look at the game of politics in the US, UK, and Canada."— CIUT / Cultural Mining

"The film's strength is when it focuses on each woman and lets each woman tell us their passion. It lets us into that space where we get to feel that passion."— Barbara Goslawski, Regent Radio

"Sosa-Sims must be commended for successfully achieving a sense of balance without passing judgement on any government ideologies... Presents these three politicians with honesty, clarity, and respect... Hunting in Packs will appeal to the political junkies and illuminate those who are looking for a unique perspective."— Mr.WillWong

"Hunting in Packs offers up an engaging and fast-paced introduction to these three politicians."— The Joy of Movies
"A portrait of three determined and unfazed women, who are shown being derided and undermined. The strive to persevere and effect some measure of change for their constituencies."— In the Seats

"Three bold and non-conforming female politicians from Canada, the UK, and America advocate for vastly different ideologies and agendas, but they share a common fight on their way to success: upending the political establishment."— My Summer Lair

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