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Space, Time, and the Universe with Brian Greene

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Catalogue Number:  041592
Producer:  PBS Video
Subject:  Science
Language:  English
Grade Level:  Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  United States
Copyright Year:  2012

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Host Brian Greene, professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University and best-selling author, takes viewers on an exciting and in-depth exploration of a groundbreaking new theory: one of the most ambitious and exciting scientific theories ever posed—one that may be the long-sought Theory of Everything. The Elegant Universe illuminates one of the most revolutionary theories in physics today, known as string theory or superstring theory, a startling idea proposes that the fundamental ingredients of nature are inconceivably tiny strands of energy, whose different modes of vibration underlie everything that happens in the universe. Individual episodes include: Einstein's Dream, String's the Thing, and Welcome to the 11th Dimension. Special Features for The Elegant Universe include a bonus video detailing how the animation was created; The Making of The Elegant Universe activity; a Multidimensional Math activity; and an excerpt from the best-selling book. The Fabric of the Cosmos is a mind-blowing, new exploration of space, time, and the very nature of reality. Discover why empty space is not empty, at all; how our perceptions have misled us and time may be an illusion; why a hidden realm, where the seemingly impossible is possible, lies just beneath the surface of the everyday world; and how other universes—even copies of you—may exist.

Individual episodes include:

  • What Is Space?
  • The Illusion of Time
  • Quantum Leap
  • Universe or Multiverse

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