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Merchants of the Wild Series, Season 2: NS L’nu’k (Mi’kmaq)

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Catalogue Number:  300085
Producer:  Buck Productions
Subject:  Canadian History, Canadian Social Studies, Character Education, Documentary, First Nations Studies, Guidance, Health and Medicine, History, Indigenous Issues, Indigenous Peoples, Physical Geography, Social Sciences, Social Studies
Language:  English
Grade Level:  6 - 8, 9 - 12, Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2021
Running Time:  286

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Merchants of the Wild, Season 2 is a vivid 13 part, 30 min documentary series mixing culture, survival, reconnection to the land, and adventure. It takes viewers back in time with six Indigenous Adventurers who embark on the journey of a lifetime, as they begin with nothing and attempt to survive 25 days on the land, paddling birchbark canoes through the vast oceanic territory know to the L’nu’k (Mi’kmaq) people as Unama'ki.

Throughout the experience, each Adventurer will be impacted in different ways, with some finding the connection their spirit has been in search of, while others could succumb to the constant demands of mother nature, the physical struggle and emotional challenges that can come with living off the land. For those who push forward, they will be blessed with newfound strength amongst the teachings and their new friends who will become their family for the journey and beyond.

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