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The Puberty Workshop and Curriculum

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Catalogue Number:  600565
Producer:  Human Relations Media
Subject:  Guidance, Health and Medicine
Language:  English
Grade Level:  3 - 5, 6 - 8
Country Of Origin:  U.S.
Copyright Year:  2011
Running Time:  70
Closed Captions:  Yes

DVD Price:  $389.95
3yr K-12 Stream Price :  $585.00
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This ground breaking five-part program developed by experienced health educators and physicians, features captivating animation, a mix of diverse kids, teen hosts plus Peter Richel, MD and Lisa Thornton, MD. Designed to work in coed as well as single gender classes, the program arms students with everything they need to know about the emotional and physical changes of puberty.

The Puberty Workshop includes an extensive 100-page Teacher Resource Book specifically designed to help educators not only teach this subject with confidence, but include parents and administrators in the process. Teachers' materials also feature a unique video on how to handle questions beyond the scope of the core curriculum.

What Is Puberty? (14 Minutes)

Designed to be viewed by both male and female students and covers the definition of puberty, the endocrine system, hormones, glands and the changes at puberty that both girls and boys have in common. The development of new body hair, body odor and good hygiene are also discussed.

Girls and Puberty (15 Minutes)

Focuses on the changes girls experience during puberty and includes a discussion of female reproductive anatomy, hormones in girls, ovulation, and emotional issues. Although designed to be viewed by girls-only groups, the video is also appropriate for gender mixed classes.

Boys and Puberty (13 Minutes)

Focuses on the changes boys experience during puberty including male reproductive anatomy, hormones in boys, spermatogenesis, hygiene and emotional issues. Appropriate for both sexes or for boys-only viewing.

New Emotions, New Feelings (16 Minutes)

Features both male and female students discussing how hormones trigger the new social and emotional changes experienced during puberty. These experiences include independence from parents, new friends, and new romantic feelings.

The ABC's of HIV and AIDS (10 Minutes)

Uses age-appropriate language to clearly illustrate how HIV is transmitted. Easy-to-follow animation shows how HIV attacks the immune system and how it eventually can develop into AIDS. Two on-camera physicians answer kids' questions about AIDS transmission and prevention. Video clearly states that any type of sexual activity with another person is not appropriate at this age.

Includes Resource Guide.

Learning Magazine 2015 Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom

Bronze Telly Award

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