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Catalogue Number:  EFDI01
Producer:  Event Film Distribution Inc.
Directors:  Boll, Uwe
Producing Agencies:  Event Film , Zen HQ Films, Pitchblack Pictures, VG Medienproduktions GmbH and Co.
Subject:  Criminal Justice & Law, Documentary, Global Issues, Global Studies, History, Media and Communications, Politics, Social Sciences
Language:  English
Grade Level:  Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  Germany
Copyright Year:  2009
Running Time:  98:18

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Unaware of what they might find, a  group of international journalists visit a small village in Darfur under the protection of the African Union (AU). They manage to convince their guide to take them to a village in Jangaweed territory.

When they arrive, the journalists see how the Sudanese live daily in fear of rape, torture and murder by the government and the rebel militia. While they are interviewing the Sudanese men and women for accounts to take back home to prove to the UN that genocide has occurred, the Jangaweed militia show up at the village, and threaten to kill the journalists if they don’t leave. Four of the six choose to leave the camp, but two remain behind…

“Tells a tragic story … must viewing.” – Ron Howard

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