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A Child's Century of War

Bishari Films BF0011

At the beginning of the last century, nine out of ten people killed in war were soldiers. At the...

Angry Girls

Bishari Films BF0009

This is a story of teenage girls living in Toronto’s inner core, raised in shelters and housing...

Crimes of Honour

Bishari Films BF0016

Throughout the Islamic world, each year hundreds of women are shot, stabbed, strangled or burned to...

Devil's Bargain: A Journey Into the Small Arms Trade

Bishari Films BF0008

Small arms are the real weapons of mass destruction, killing more than half a million people a...

Fire and Water

Bishari Films BF0017

Throughout Fire and Water is the story of Dr. Hussain Shahristani, once Saddam Hussein’s Chief...

Hamas: Behind the Mask

Bishari Films BF0006

This one-hour journalistic exploration by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Shelley Saywell takes the...

In the Name of the Family

Bishari Films BF0001

On December 10, 2007, a 16-year-old Toronto schoolgirl, Aqsa, was strangled to death; her father...

Kim's Story

Bishari Films BF0015

If there was a photograph that captured the horrific nature of the Vietnam War it was that of a...

Legacy of Terror: The Bombing of Air India

Bishari Films BF0013

Legacy of Terror is the story of one of the most deadly airline bombings in history: Air India...

Lowdown Tracks

Bishari Films BF0010

Lowdown Tracks is a feature documentary that celebrates the music and stories of those living on...

Martyr Street

Bishari Films BF0012

Martyr Street, Hebron is the only place in the West Bank where Jewish settlers live in the heart of...

No Man's Land: Women Frontline Journalists

Bishari Films BF0004

This film travels to the front lines of Sarajevo and Afganistan, and also portrays famous women...

Out of the Fire

Bishari Films BF0003

Faye Schulman returns to her home town of Lenin; at the time, part of Poland, now in Belarus...

Shahira: Nomads of the Sahara

Bishari Films BF0005

This is an inspirational documentary about a young Muslim woman, trained as an anthropologist, who...

Street Nurse

Bishari Films BF0014

Cathy Crowe is a familiar name. For years as one of Toronto’s 50 or so street nurses, she has...

The Nanny Business

Bishari Films BF0007

The Nanny Business explores the domestic labour market that brings in an estimated 5,000 women to...

The War at Home

Bishari Films BF0002

“It’s a hidden war and when they call in the troops it's already too late," these are the...

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