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Volume 1 - A Healthy You: Are You Ready? Series

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This title is a part of the series Are You Ready? Series

Catalogue Number:  GAP001
Producer:  GAPC Productions
Subject:  Character Education, Early Childhood Education, Health and Medicine
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2018
Running Time:  10 x 2:30
Closed Captions:  Yes

DVD Price:  $149.00
3yr K-12 Stream Price :  $149.00
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Everyday is exciting when you’re learning something new! Especially when you’re a kid getting the inside scoop from someone just like you! Are You Ready? is a new short-form series that features real-life role models showing preschoolers, JK & SK how to feel a little more grown up each day. 

Using easy-to understand techniques, relatable mistakes, and encouragement to try again, each bite-sized episode helps the audience reach a new milestone in their independence. Developed with the help of early childhood education professionals, Are You Ready? sets the foundation for life long learning, behaviour, and well-being.

Volume 1 includes the following 10 episodes, 2:30 minutes each:

  • Making Breakfast
  • Having Lunch
  • Getting Ready for Bed
  • Blowing My Nose
  • Washing Hands
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Brushing Hair
  • Putting on Sunscreen
  • Playing Outside
  • Climbing Stairs

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