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The Divided Brain (78 Minute Version)

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Catalogue Number:  MFM009
Producer:  Matter of Fact Media
Producing Agencies:  Matter of Fact Media
Subject:  Business Studies, Civics, Documentary, Economics, Environmental Studies, Health and Medicine, Media and Communications, Psychology, Science, Social Issues, Social Sciences, Sociology
Language:  English
Grade Level:  9 - 12, Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2019
Running Time:  78:00

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THE DIVIDED BRAIN is the mind-altering documentary inspired by the book, “The Master and His Emissary” by Iain McGilchrist. It features Iain McGilchrist with duelling scientists that include Onur Gunturkun, Jill Bolte Taylor, Leroy Little Bear, Colwyn Trevarthen, and more plus the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, actor John Cleese, and your brain.

The film explores one man’s quest to prove a growing imbalance in our brains, and to help us understand how this makes us increasingly unable to grapple with critical economic, environmental and social issues; ones that shape our very future as a species.

THE DIVIDED BRAIN follows Dr. Iain McGilchrist on a journey of discovery as he travels to meet his champions and critics and defends his vision on the implications of his theory. Dr. McGilchrist is a soft-spoken British psychiatrist and neuroscientist who may have uncovered an insidious problem with the way our brains function. He believes that one half of our brain – the left hemisphere – is slowly taking power, and that we in the Western world are simultaneously feeding its ambitions. This half of the brain is very proficient at creating technologies, procedures and systems, but it cannot understand the implications of these on the people and the world around it.

Has our society been hijacked by the left hemisphere?

The Divided Brain features a special appearance by actor John Cleese.

Please click here for the 53 minute version of this film.

"Provocative...To further test his theory, [McGilchrist] looks at history, the animal kingdom, early childhood development, and other cultures and is convinced Western society is over-emphasizing the left hemisphere in education, work, finance, and government. With a fascinating look at the brain and its implications for mankind, this film is recommended." - Trudie Root, Video Librarian

"One of the most powerful and thought-provoking films on the subject... And now, with the world gripped by a mysterious virus that literally came out of nowhere, this documentary allows one to question if the right decisions and proper actions are now in place to deal with the post-COVID-19 world of tomorrow." Rita DeMontis, Toronto Sun

This provocative and evocative movie brings forward a timely and important question about how we use our brains: whether certain aspects are being driven by modern culture, and in turn driving us toward smaller and more specialized views of the world. How this question is answered may have significant consequences on how we relate to ourselves, each other and our planet." - Judson A. Brewer, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Director of Research and Innovation, Mindfulness Center, Brown University

"An extraordinary film that traverses science, art, nature, history, culture, music, education and humor, and thereby skillfully exemplifies its subtle, visionary, beautiful and timely message." - Dr. Jonathan Rowson, Scottish Chess Grandmaster, former Director, Social Brain Centre at the RSA

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