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Making School a Positive Place Series

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This title is a part of the series Anthony McLean – Building a Positive Climate for Learning Series

Catalogue Number:  123001
Producer:  Stature Films
Subject:  Canadian Social Issues, Character Education, Diversity, Guidance, Health and Medicine, Social Issues, Social Media
Language:  English
Grade Level:  6 - 8
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2018
Running Time:  64:00
Closed Captions:  Yes

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There are invaluable lessons to be learned when you are growing up and school is a place where you experience a lot of those lessons. Some of these may be understanding that one quality friendship is far greater than being popular, or that a little healthy competition is great, but can be unhealthy if a person’s attitude takes the fun out of it for others. These elements alongside many others, like bullying, drama, and issues with social media are dissected and laid bare by charismatic youth speaker Anthony McLean. He offers a space of inclusivity, through respect and honesty that casts aside shame or guilt, giving students a sense of agency in unison with a newfound perception of positivity through action and words.



Series includes the following 7 programs, 8 - 12 minutes each on 2 DVDs.

  • Friendship Matters - What does a good friend look like? We can’t always be friends with everyone, but we can always be friendly.
  • Too Much Competition - Recess should be fun. When games are full of put-downs and criticisms, it’s not a normal part of being competitive, it’s mean.
  • Dealing with Mean People - Mean people are everywhere; how do you handle them? It’s best not to take their negativity to heart. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you too!
  • How to Help a Friend - Bystanders have so much power in a bullying situation! They can tell the bully to stop; they can reach out and support the victim; or, if the situation is really serious, they can get help.
  • Too Much Drama - Gossip and rumours create a toxic environment! If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it behind their back!
  • Too Much Teasing - ‘Don’t Go There’ zones! Using his original song, “Don’t GoThere!”, Anthony uses music to make his message about teasing memorable for kids.
  • Trouble with Social Media - Think before you click. It’s easy to hide behind a screen and write nasty comments, but you probably wouldn’t say it in person. Being a kind person includes what you say online.

“When Anthony McLean speaks in an assembly of 2000 students, they are totally engaged in every word that he says.” — Principal - Father Bressani Catholic High School - YCDSB

"Anthony's workshops have had a significant impact on our school. He has a profound ability to connect with people and share strategies that help to create a safe environment for all. He was equally impactful while working with parents and members from our community. I would wholeheartedly welcome him back to our school anytime." - Greg Farrell - Principal - Sam Chapman Public School - YRDSB

"Anthony McLean would be an asset to any school community or any parent community. I would highly recommend him." -  Krista Benedetti - Principal - Tiger Jeet Singh Elementary School - HCDSB

"This year Anthony presented to our students and the response from staff and students has been overwhelming. His bullying prevention message echoes the values of our Safe Schools team and helps students understand their role in creating a safe and inclusive learning environment. I would recommend him to any school looking for a dynamic, energetic and inspirational speaker." - Aldo Petrucci, Principal, Hunter’s Glen Public School, TDSB

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