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Catalogue Number:  APT202
Producer:  Apartment 11
Subject:  Arts, Early Childhood Education, English, Health, Language Arts, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Studies
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2, 3 - 5
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2020
Running Time:  80:00

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WACKY WORD SONGS! is an educational series of 40 song-based episodes about language related concepts. Performed by “Zoey” (The Wacky Word Show!), every song is a playful engagement in literacy, language, and communication. Related to the Ontario language curriculum, the songs inspire kids to have fun with words and language while singing along. Learning is supported by clear text, situational storytelling, engaging and explanative visuals, and memorable songs.

Collection includes 40 songs, approx. 2 minutes each:

  • The Mighty Squiggle - An apostrophe is so mighty it can replace letters in some of your favourite words! 
  • Hype It Up - Zoey sings the most amazing song in the universe about hyperboles! 
  • Don't Cook the Cook - It’s time to dance a dance and rhyme some rhymes with Zoey.
  • The Active Snail - We use verbs all the time, even when it looks like we’re not doing much at all.
  • Opposite World - Antonyms are awesome... the opposite of boring.
  • Chop It Up - Words can be split into beats just like music. The beats in words are called syllables.
  • Mind How You Go - We use words called adverbs to describe how we’re doing things.
  • Zoey with a Zed - You can usually find Zoey at the end of a list in alphabetical order, because she’s Zoey with a zed!
  • Izzy the Hamster - A noun is a word for a person, place or thing and there are two kinds: common nouns and proper nouns.
  • Wild and Wacky - Zoey wrote this bouncy, bubbly song about adjectives!
  • The Interjector - Interjections are useful words, but sometimes they interrupt and are a little bit rude.
  • Compound Words - You can make one word out of two. They’re called compound words.
  • As Easy as A.B.C. - Time to sing like a bird about similes with Zoey!
  • Much vs. Many - “Many” is for things you can count and “much” is for things that can’t really be counted.
  • Curious Question Mark - Ready for another song? This one is all about question marks.
  • Over the Rainbow - Zoey is on the hunt for a hidden treasure and could sure use some prepositions to help her.
  • Fabulous, Fantastic, Phenomenal - Using synonyms helps Zoey write better stories and songs.
  • How the Upper Case Lives - Capital letters are a little snobby, but they are really important.
  • The Singular Plural Blues - Why do words like jeans, have an “S” at the end while only referring to one pair of something.
  • Team Up - A collective noun is a word for a group of people, animals or things.
  • Every Sentence Has To End - Even though we don’t read punctuation out loud, we have to use it at the end of sentences.
  • Comma Commotion - Commas can really change the meaning of a sentence. Find out how with Zoey’s new song!
  • Sentence Shoppera - Adding fun words to a sentence can make it all your own. Zoey wrote a song about it.
  • Every Story Needs Them - Remember the five W’s with the help of Zoey’s song and you’ll tell some awesome stories.
  • Alone in a Crowd - Parentheses are just a little extra spice for your sentence. They can make a sentence just right.
  • Can't We Get Along? - Zoey sings about why we use different versions of the same verb.
  • You Can Quote Me - Zoey wrote a song about those squiggly punctuation marks called quotation marks.
  • Then versus Than - Zoey loves writing songs better THAN anything! She’ll write more, THEN you can enjoy them!
  • Reverse Raccoon - Ever notice that some pairs of words always go together in the same order?
  • Great, Greater, Greatest - Some adjectives, like the word small, can be turned into whole new words when we want to describe how things compare to each other.
  • Undo Redo - Zoey can’t undo what her dog did to her homework, but she can redo it and sing about prefixes.
  • Abbreviations - Zoey wrote a song about abbreviations, a shortened way to write a word.
  • Start to Finish - Zoey sings a song about how stories always have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Secret Identity - Every noun – that’s a person, place, or thing – can be replaced by something called a pronoun.
  • Subject vs Object - This song isn’t going to sing Zoey! Zoey learned about the subject and object in a sentence.
  • We Don't Need an S - Zoey wrote a little song about words that don’t follow the plural rules!
  • Remember Like an Elephant - Zoey wrote a song about memory tricks to help remember things.
  • Eat Your Words - When writing a paragraph, just think of a hamburger and you’ll have the perfect recipe.
  • Look Who's Talking - Here’s a song Zoey wrote about different points of view, from her point of view of course!
  • Don't Worry, Keep Writing - Spelling mistakes, weird sentences, wrong punctuation, rhymes that don’t really rhyme… it’s all okay because you can rewrite it a bunch of times!

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