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1001 Nights: Season 1

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Catalogue Number:  BBB006
Producer:  Big Bad Boo Studios
Subject:  Animation, Arts, Character Education, Children's Stories, Citizenship Education, Early Childhood Education, Guidance, Social Studies
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 8
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2011
Running Time:  26 x 11:00

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1001 Nights created by Big Bad Studios in Vancouver, BC is a wonderful series that brings the delightful tales of the famed 1001 Arabian Nights to the screen with hilarity, excitement, and non-stop fast paced action. The collection of stories began as folk tales from the oral traditions of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, India, Persia and Mesopotamia.

These wonderful stories foster vital life skills such as empathy, responsibility, respect as well as teaching about human right and citizenship education. The series has a global audience of over 100 million people and is used by UNICEF throughout Europe and Asia.

2018 - The WISE Award
Big Bad Boo Wins WISE Award for '1001 Nights'

1 WIN for 1001 Nights, Best Screenwriting in an Animation Program "The People Who Insulted the Sun"

2014 Kids First Choice Award

1 Nomination and 1 WIN for 1001 Nights, Best Screenwriting in an Animation Program "The Tale of the Mountain & The Valley"

2013 Platinum PIXIE
Award Winner for 1001 Nights, "Abu Hassan’s Legendary Wedding”

2013 Cynopsis Kids Imagination Awards
TV series based on Books Finalist - 1001 Nights

3 WINS for 1001 Nights, Best Animated Series, Best Writing, Best Sound

2012 Cynopsis Kids Imagination Awards
K2-11 Comedy Finalist - 1001 Nights

2 Nominations for 1001 Nights

2011 Cannes Mip Jr 1001 Nights
#1 Spot Top 30 Most Viewed

4 Nominations for 1001 Nights: Best Animated Series, Best Direction, Best Screenwriting, Best Sound

2010 Mip Junior Licensing Challenge Finalist

Official Selection Prix Jeunesse Munich

Official Selection Chicago International Children’s Film Festival

Series Titles
Product No.Title
BBB007King Bitehard (Episode 2): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB008The Joke's On You (Episode 1): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB009Sinbad and the Valley of the Serpents (Episode 3): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB010Manjab’s Just Desserts (Episode 4): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB011Princess Rou (Episode 5): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB012What’s Yours is Mine (Episode 6): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB013True Treasure (Episode 7): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB014Sinbad and the Cyclops (Episode 8): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB015Hunchback’s Tale (Episode 9): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB016Agrabroka (Episode 10): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB017Give Until It Hurts (Episode 11): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB018Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves (Episode 12): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB019Keeping Up With The Jinns (Episode 13): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB020King For a Day (Episode 14): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB021Abu Sabir (Episode 15): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB022Bigger, Badder, Badr (Episode 16): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB023The Boy Who Cried Science (Episode 17): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB024Prince Ahmad (Episode 18): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB025It’s a Steal (Episode 19): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB026Which Way Is Up? (Episode 20): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB027To Hatch a Thief (Episode 21): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB028The Gift of Norooz (Episode 22): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB029Creature Karma (Episode 23): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB030Just My Luck (Episode 24): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB031Details, Details... (Episode 25): 1001 Nights: Season 1
BBB032Sinbad in Solitude (Episode 26): 1001 Nights: Season 1

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