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The End of the Road

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Catalogue Number:  ICE091
Producer:  Indiecan Entertainment Inc.
Subject:  American History, Documentary, Guidance, Health, History, Politics, Social Issues, Social Sciences
Language:  English
Grade Level:  Post Secondary, Adult
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2020
Running Time:  78:38

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"It's the end of the road and people at the end of their line come to Lund". Follow this real life group of American war resisters and free-spirited Canadians escaping conformity and comfort for greener pastures. Not only did this eclectic group of 1960's dreamers, artists and intellectuals find Lund, Canada, at the end of the road on BC's sunshine coast, they accidentally found each other. Over-educated, underemployed and ill-equipped, this adventurous crew finds love, shares lovers and experiments with everything! Not always a hippie Utopia, the film follows their evolution from dropouts to community leaders and is filled with vintage film, photographs, original artwork and music created by those who were there. Even if you have never peed in an outhouse or attended a home birth, you are going to want to see this film!

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