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Holidays, Celebrations & Trips Afar! Volume 2: Miaomiao Series

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This title is a part of the series Miaomiao Series

Catalogue Number:  LSD106
Producer:  Lofty Sky Distribution
Subject:  Character Education, Children's Stories, Early Childhood Education, Guidance, History, Holidays, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2018
Running Time:  12 x 7:00
Closed Captions:  Yes

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Programs included in Volume 2 are:

  • Chinese New Year Part I - As Miaomiao and Doudou prepare for Chinese New Year, their dumplings get stolen by the 'New Year (Nian) Monster'. To find the monster and get their dumplings back, they partner up with Coco, a shy white sheep. The trio learns to overcome their fears through the power of belief. Learn to say "dumpling" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Chinese New Year Part II - In part II of the Chinese New Year adventure, the trio muster up bravery to pass through mazes, ghosts, and other obstacles to reach the Monkey King, the one who knows the whereabouts of the 'New Year (Nian) Monster.' Learn to say "sheep" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Chinese New Year Part III - In part III of the Chinese New Year adventure, the trio meets the Monkey King who gives them a magical firecracker to defeat the 'New Year (Nian) Monster'. Learn to say "Happy New Year" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • The Biggest Pumpkin - Miaomiao and Doudou are gearing up to enter in a pumpkin contest, but their plans are threatened when competitors Benben and Tantan get involved. Learn to say “pumpkin” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Haunted House - Miaomiao and the gang visit a haunted house for fun, but it turns out to be scarier than they expect. Learn to say "I'm scared" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • The Christmas Gift - It's Christmas Eve, and the gang is busy getting ready for Santa's arrival – and presents! Everything seems perfect, until an unexpected guest arrives. Learn to say “give” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Beepbeep's Birthday - Miaomiao and the gang are planning a surprise birthday party for Beepbeep, but not everything goes according to plan. Learn to say “Happy Birthday” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • A Trip to Mars - The astronauts, Miaomiao and Doudou, have been given an important mission to Mars. They encounter many obstacles along the way but remain determined to fulfill their task. Learn to say “accomplish” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Amusement Park - The gang enjoys a fun day at the amusement park! With the help of her friends, Miaomiao overcomes her fear and goes down the waterslide for the first time. Learn to say “play” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa - Travel to Italy where Miaomiao and Doudou are painting the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Their works of art run into trouble when the tower starts swaying from side to side due to an unexpected visitor. Learn to say "painting" in Mandarin Chinese.
  • North Pole - Miaomiao, Doudou and Benben’s trip to Hawaii gets side-tracked when Benben looses the map and the gang ends up heading north instead of south. Learn to say “It’s my fault” in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Visiting Egypt - Miaomiao and Doudou are transported to ancient Egypt where they get captured by an overweight pharaoh named Benben. By teaching the pharaoh healthy eating habits, Miaomiao and Doudou are set free. Learn to say “pyramid” in Mandarin Chinese.

Nominated for a 2019 Canadian Screen Award under the ‘Best Cross-Platform Project—Children’s and Youth’

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