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Geometry and Measurement Playlist

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Catalogue Number:  MCI854
Subject:  Character Education, Early Childhood Education, Entertainment, Mathematics
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2, 3 - 5
Country Of Origin:  Canada

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The video programs in this streaming list allow viewers to gain a specialized insight into geometry and measurement. Individuals who watch these episodes will learn about location and movement, length, mass, volume, angles, lines, area, surface, 2D and 3D objects. Each program offers a fun way of learning about the various elements of geometry and measurement that is both entertaining and educational.

 Titles in this playlist include:

  • 1. Odd Squad Season 1: Blob on the Job - When a blob gets loose in Odd Squad headquarters, Olive and Otto compete against rival agents to catch it first. Which team will catch more of the blob? How can they measure the blob when it’s a liquid?
  • 2. Odd Squad Season 1: Rise of the Hydraclops - To save humanity, Olive and Otto must locate a treasure chest that Oscar buried. To find Oscar’s buried weapon, they’ll need to use their knowledge of maps and their ability to measure lengthwise.
  • 3. Odd Squad Season 1: The Potato Ultimato - When Otto starts shrinking, Olaf leads Olive and Oren on a quest for the magical Growing Potato. The key tool on their journey is measurement. They must find the right sized recorder in centimetres and have enough rope to climb the wall.
  • 4. Odd Squad Season 2: Not OK Computer – Agents Olympia and Otis are stuck in a computer and need the computer team’s help to get out. To fix the mainframe, they must find three objects of varying length. Can they find the objects of the exact length to help get Otis and Olympia out?
  • 5. Odd Squad Season 2: Shapely University - There’s a creature that loves parallel lines roaming Shapely University hitting every room with a particular pattern, but what? Which team of agents will figure out this geometric conundrum first?
  • 6. Look Kool Episode 1: 1, 2, 3 Dimensions - Concepts about dimension are at the very heart of the measurement strand that begins with understanding of length, then making sense of amount of surface - area, and finally, learning about measuring quantities of space – volume.
  • 7. Look Kool Episode 3: Frame, Shell, Solid - Here we are investigating 3-D geometry from different points of view. With frames, the emphasis is on the edges of the object; with shells, the emphasis is on the faces of the object; and with solids, the emphasis is on the whole object.
  • 8. Prime Radicals Season 1: Anything and Anything - Uncle Norm needs a hammock so he can relax in his backyard, but he just can’t figure out how to measure it correctly. Kevin takes his favourite Uncle to a construction site to meet a handyman that teaches him all about non-standard measurement – using found objects like sticks, rope, or even hands to measure.
  • 9. Prime Radicals Season 1: Thinking Inside the Box - Uncle Norm needs to mail a top secret package, but there’s a problem. The item he’s sending is not regular, and it won’t fit into an ordinary box. The Rads will have to make their own. They call in a box designer who explains how boxes are made. They learn about vertices, faces and edges and discover the wonder of turning a flat, 2D template into a 3D solid shape.
  • 10.  Prime Radicals Season2: Slides, Flips, Turns and Quilts - The kids have noticed that Uncle Norm’s old quilt is quite threadbare and they decide to make a new one using a super cool design. With help from the Inventonator, they see that interesting designs can start with just one triangle! The Rads pay a visit to a star quilter, who teaches them how flipping, sliding and turning one triangle can make some really awesome patterns!

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