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Algebra Playlist

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Catalogue Number:  MCI851
Subject:  Character Education, Early Childhood Education, Entertainment, Mathematics
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2, 3 - 5
Country Of Origin:  Canada

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The video programs in this streaming list allow viewers to gain a specialized insight into algebra. Individuals will gain a better understanding of coding, variables, patterns, equalities, and inequalities. Each program offers a fun way of learning about the various spheres of algebra that is both entertaining and educational.

Titles in this playlist include:

  • 1. Odd Squad Season 1: Picture Day - Otto and Olive must figure out why people in town are becoming plaid and striped after drinking a numbered juice. To get back to normal, they need a sum of 10, so how can they figure out what number they need if they have one number and the total? What if they use a different algebraic formula to find the solution?
  • 2. Odd Squad Season 1: A Case of the Sing-Alongs - When Mayor Macklemore catches a case of the Sing-A-Longs, Olive and Otto must discover the cause. The agents use their experience with patterns to try to get to the bottom of the Mayors uncontrollable singing.
  • 3. Odd Squad Season 1: Totally Odd Squad - In a flashback episode, Ms. O tells the story of how she defeated a villain called the Patternista back when she was an agent. Ms. O retells how she needed to use her knowledge of colour and number patterns to get a promotion, and the last jellybean!
  • 4. Odd Squad Season 1: Dance Like Nobody is Watching - When the alarm system at Headquarters is triggered, Olive, Otto, Ms. O, and Oscar must avoid a series of booby traps to shut it off. Each trap has its own dangerous pattern, so how will they discover each one? One way to find out if it’s a pattern is if it repeats itself twice. Careful, Odd Squad, watch your step!
  • 5. Odd Squad Season 2: Mid-Day in the Garden of Good and Odd – When things in town get covered in jam, the agents turn to Odd Todd for help. The villain is leaving clues for which address she’ll hit next. If they can find out what Y and W stand for, can they solve for x?
  • 6. Odd Squad Season 2: Oona and the Oonabots - Oona uses her Oonabots to fix an odd problem using coding to create a route for her robot to pick-up a creature that turns any being that’s alive into stone. When coding, Oona and Ocean must be very specific or else her robot won’t get it right. Good thing Oona has more than one robot!
  • 7. Odd Squad Season 2: Villains in Need are Villains Indeed - Odd Squad and Villains work together to stop a giant robot the villains created to flatten Odd Squad Headquarters! In order to stop it, they need to code-break the old program and make a new one in the robot’s computer system. Good luck agents! Good luck … villains?
  • 8. Prime Radicals Season 1: Code Name: Red - Codes and riddles are Uncle Norm’s favourite. So, when Alanna and Kevin give him a birthday present that’s locked by a secret code, Uncle Norm can’t wait to figure it out.
  • 9. Prime Radicals Season 1: How Things Stack Up...And Down - Uncle Norm is practicing his putting, without success. Where can he go to learn more about stacking? A farmer’s market! Uncle Norm and Kevin meet with all sorts of vendors, who teach them about how they stack their products using growing and shrinking patterns for everything from strawberries to plants, or even eggs!
  • 10. Prime Radicals Season 2: Cracking the Code! - Uncle Norm's boss gave him an important top secret mission: and it involves sending the Normbot on a secret mission all around the world. He enlists the Rads to help, and soon they’re on the trail of a professor who knows all about codes and how to encrypt information. Together, they come up with a fun and simple cipher for hiding the message …so the secret will never fall into the wrong hands!

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