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Number Sense and Operations Playlist

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Catalogue Number:  MCI855
Subject:  Character Education, Early Childhood Education, Entertainment, Mathematics
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2, 3 - 5
Country Of Origin:  Canada

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The video programs in this streaming list allow viewers to gain a specialized insight into number sense and operations. Individuals will gain knowledge of fractions, counting, rounding, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Each program offers a fun way of learning about the various facets of number sense and operations that is both entertaining and educational.

Titles in this playlist include:

  • 1. Odd Squad Season 1: The Great Grinaldi - Otto rushes to finish a case so he can see his favorite magician, The Great Grinaldi, perform, but cakes, books, and bridges are dividing into twos, fours, and eights! Otto and Olive use their knowledge of fractions to help solve this mysteriously magical case.
  • 2. Odd Squad Season 1: The Jackies - Ms. O and her team will stop at nothing to win their very first Jackie Award. Just moments away form the award show Ms. O sits at 98 solved cases and her competitor Mr. O has 100 cases solved. Odd Squad needs to change their number so that it is greater than Mr. O’s number, but will they do it in time? 
  • 3. Odd Squad Season 1: Worst First Day Ever - When Agent Ori lets 100 centigurp free on his first day on the job, other Odd Squad agents share their own ‘worst first day ever’ stories as they collect the centigurp in groups of 20s, 8s and 5s. Can Agent Ori turn his bad day around?
  • 4. Odd Squad Season 2: The Ninja Situation – Odd Squad must go undercover to recover a stolen gadget in a deal. Each demand the villains have require Otis to think quickly for a way to split each request into various fractions while Olympia tries to hold off the real ninja. Come on Odd Squad!
  • 5. Odd Squad Season 2: Negative Town - The agents go to Negative Town to track a villain. Tiny Dancer is using her wand to force people to dance and Otis and Olympia need to find out where she will hit next. They know she works in a pattern and she has hit houses -5 and -10. Can they solve the pattern and find out where she will go next?
  • 6. Odd Squad Season 2: Total Zeroes - Ms. O tells Olympia and Otis a story about a famous villain duo named Total Zeroes. They were the least oddest villains for years because they only subtracted or added zero to every thing they zapped which left no change at all. Until, they began to multiply zeroes and soon the whole world was in jeopardy, but why? Why would multiplying a zero be so dangerous?
  • 7. Look Kool Episode 8: Make That a Double - It is important for students to understand and know important numerical patterns, not the least of which is the doubling sequence 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, … To see how this pattern is the basis of the manufacture of strong swords and tasty croissants makes learning patterns more relevant.
  • 8.  Look Kool Episode 11: Math in Music - One of the most amazing aspects of music is the fact that many of its inherent patterns can be both heard and seen. Sheet music exhibits patterns in notes that can in some cases be described in transformational geometric terms – translation and reflection. Also, many numerical patterns are at the heart of the music.
  • 9. Prime Radicals Season 1: Numberlicious - Yuck, Uncle Norm is trying to cook again! He's having his boss and coworkers over for dinner, 8 people in all. But his recipe only serves 4. Luckily, Kevin's chef friend teaches Uncle Norm about doubling and halving ingredients, and even throws in a couple of cooking tips along the way.
  • 10. Prime Radicals Season 2: Get in on the Fraction - Kevin and Alanna enter the clubhouse and find Norm on the telephone ordering his all-time fave, a large cheese quesadilla! But could they slice it into four pieces instead of eight as he can't eat that many slices. Alanna is keen on helping Uncle Norm grasp the concept of fractions.

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