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Wolf Joe Series

Catalogue Number:  WJ0000
Producer:  MRV WOLF JOE INC.
Subject:  Canadian Social Studies, Character Education, Children's Stories, First Nations Studies, Indigenous Peoples, Language Arts, Social Studies
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2021
Running Time:  46 x 11:00
Closed Captions:  Yes

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Wolf Joe follows Joe, a young indigenous boy who is inspired to explore his indigenous culture and identity as he embarks on adventures to help his community. Joined by his best friends, Nina and Buddy along with Smudge the puppy, together they turn everyday experiences into awesome adventures around the great outdoors of their Northern home of Turtle Bay.

Wolf Joe teaches youngsters about Canada’s indigenous culture, heritage and identity, with the Anishinaabe Seven Sacred Teachings as the cultural anchor points for every story.

Anishinaabe Elder and founder of the internationally recognized Turtle Lodge Centre for Indigenous Education and Wellness in Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba, Dave Courchene, is the series cultural advisor.

46 Episodes    11 Minutes Each

Series Titles
Product No.Title
WJ0001Mind the Store: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0002Bearly Prepared: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0003Toboggan Run: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0004Maple Snow Cones: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0005Maymay Fishing: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0006Dance of the Wawatay: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0007The Big Bannock Bake: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0008The Pied Piper of Turtle Bay: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0009The Speed Skater: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0010Turtle Bay Talent Show: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0011The Great Skunk Den Do-Over: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0012Little Bear Chief: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0013Turtle Bay Flyers: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0014Making Tracks: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0015Team Supreme: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0016Birthday Surprise: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0017Thunder Lake Monster: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0018Package Run: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0019The Big Game: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0020A Berry Good Adventure: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0021As the Crow Flies: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0022Braver Together: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0023Turtle Bay Bike Rally: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0024Who Is Nagamo?: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0025Jingle Dress Mess: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0026Crabby Apples: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0027Finders Keepers: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0028Puppy Pile: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0029Power of Three: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0030Painting Party: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0031Operation Clean Up: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0032Smudge on the Run: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0033Beach Movie Night: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0034Stormy Weather: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0035Turtle Bay Radio: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0036Missing Moccasin: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0037Buddy On Target: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0038Smudge Search Party: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0039Spirit Fort: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0040Buddy the Leader: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0041Turtle Trek: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0042Butterfly Release Party: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0043Best Day Ever (Part 1): Wolf Joe Series
WJ0044Best Day Ever (Part 2): Wolf Joe Series
WJ0045Dark Zone: Wolf Joe Series
WJ0046Ready Set Go: Wolf Joe Series

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