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Big Business, Big Union, Small Town

Zoot Pictures ZP0003

Weyburn, Saskatchewan is a nice little city, a great place to raise kids and play hockey. The city...

Black Tuesday

Zoot Pictures ZP0004

Miners toiling in intolerable conditions. A strike, broken by management. Reinforcements brought in...

Eco-Home Adventures

Zoot Pictures ZP0005

Outside the struggling town of Craik, Saskatchewan a diverse group of strangers bitten by the...

MS Wars: Hope, Science and the Internet

Zoot Pictures ZP0001

For over a century and a half the medical community have developed protocols and systems for...

Shattered Ground: Digging Into the Issues of Fracking

Zoot Pictures ZP0000

Hydraulic Fracturing or "Fracking" is a new technology that has opened up immense resources of...

The Path to Shaolin

Zoot Pictures ZP0002

Beyond the movies, beyond the legends, The Path to Shaolin follows Canadian Tim Mrazek on an...

Tommy Douglas In His Own Words

Zoot Pictures ZP0007

Tommy Douglas in his Own Words is a biographical one-hour documentary, presented in an unusual...

Weekend Wonder: Building a Community to Accomplish the...

Zoot Pictures ZP0006

Take one hundred strangers and make them friends. Take a pile of green building materials and...

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