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Early Learning Songs Playlist

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Catalogue Number:  992097PL
Producer:  Educational Voice
Subject:  Early Childhood Education, ELL/ESL, Health, Language Arts, Music
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2
Country Of Origin:  Ireland
Copyright Year:  2022
Running Time:  20:36

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This fun, animated and entertaining nursery rhyme/songs series is great for building early language and math skills as well as the fundamentals of movement. Use these songs for kids during circle time, for small group or large group, or for some fun one-on-one time too! They’re some of what we consider to be the best songs for kids.

Playlist includes 13 Songs:

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (1:31) -  This song can help with gross motor skills as children are using different parts of their body to do the actions.

If You're Happy (1:14) - This classic song is a wonderful and fun way to help young students expand their language skills, learn to follow directions, develop physical skills and just have some fun! 

ABC Song (1:15) - The "A-B-C" song helps children learn the names of the letters of the alphabet (especially if you have combine singing with pointing at the letters as you and your child sing each letter).

Itsy Bitsy Spider (1:50) - "Itsy Bitsy Spider" will help teach youngsters vocal language, cultivate a sense of rhythm and develop literacy skills through rhyming, repetition and memorization.

Walking Walking (1:48) - This simple song "Walking Walking" is a great way to get young viewers to follow directions and develop movement skills.

Rain Rain (1:48) - Oh no, it’s raining! What will father, mother, brother, sister, and baby do instead of going outside to play? Find out in this new animation for “Rain Rain Go Away."

Old MacDonald (2:20) - This classic children's song is agreat way to introduce new words in a fun way and develop lanaguage skills while learning about animals and nature.

Tidy Up (1:43) - It's a fun song that helps chidlren understand that at the end of every activity, it is necessary to put everyting back in its place.

Colours (1:43) - This animated song video is "Colours," a great song to help youngsters learn and identify their colours.

Mary Had a Little Lamb (2:51) - "Mary had a Little Lamb" is great for teaching early literacy skills, and language development. As well it teaches children empathy and not be frightenied if things don't go your way!

Wheels on the Bus (2:14) - A favourite child's song. It can help with children's development and coordination and is wonderful for language acquisition at an early age.

Get Dressed (1:51) - “This Is The Way We Get Dressed” is the perfect song for getting dressed! Put on your t-shirt, put on your pants, button your shirt, put on your socks, tie your shoes, and zip up your jacket! Great for familiarizing children with getting dressed routines and clothing vocabulary!

I Want a Pet (1:08) - This animated song video is "I Want A Pet."

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