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Catalogue Number:  BBB070PL
Producer:  Big Bad Boo Studios
Subject:  Animation, Character Education, Children's Stories, Diversity, Early Childhood Education, Entertainment, Guidance, Language Arts, Social Studies
Language:  English
Grade Level:  PreK - 2
Country Of Origin:  Canada
Copyright Year:  2018
Running Time:  282:00

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Welcome to 16 Hudson! In this charming building, on a quiet street, in a big city, you can always find a friendly face. Follow the adventures of these little neighbours who treasure each other's similarities and differences. Together, we celebrate cultural holidays like the Chinese New Year, Norooz and Diwali. Here, everyone knows everyone and our adventures, no matter how small, are cherished amongst friends.

**This series uses Audio Description**

Playlist includes 39 episodes, 7:25 minutes each.

  • Home Remedies: Lili gets the hiccups just before the famous 16 Hudson Block Party Cup-A-Stack Competition. Will she be able to find a cure for it in time for the big event?
  • What's the Magic Word: Sam plans a big magic act starring him, but will only agree to let Lili in on it as his assisstant. But when their fingers get stuck together thanks to a thumb trap, he must share the spotlight to pull off the show. 
  • The Tooth Fairy: Lili wants to make sure she gets the best return for her first tooth, but after the tooth goes missing with no reward, they must find out why!
  • Amala's Big Dig: After Amala enlists Luc'shelp to get her community garden plot ready for spring, he gets carried away digging and makes a mess of the whole place. She quietly puts up with it but when Luc nearly destroys a tiny, delicate sprout while playing, Amala finds her voice after all and, like spring flowers they both grow a little.
  • Huggle Day: When Lili tries to help Luc and his dads celebrate "Huggle Day" (the day they became a family), she goes overboard with her planning and forgets whom the party is for. 
  • Long Gone Dugong: Amala launches a pet spa to raise money for an endangered animal, but finds herself with too many customers and a hard choice to make. 
  • 2A: When Luc accidentally gets Sara's drone stuck on the balcony of apartment 2A--the one place all the 16 Hudson kids are afraid of--Luc must overcome his fear of the mysterious location to retrieve the drone. 
  • Lili's Skating Badge: When Sam ice-skates easily his first time out, Lili - who's been practicing her hardest just to be half-as-good - is livid! That is, until she finds a way to be happy with her own progress and accomplishments. 
  • Super Rainbow Macaron: When Lili tries to help Bayani by making a fabulous kid-friendly macaron for his bakery, a disaster turns into an opportunity once they see the others' point of view. 
  • Toothbrush #3: When Amala's Papa misses her school play, she struggles with her disappointment until she finds out the whole story.
  • Ivan From Outer Space: Sam and Luc are convinced Ivan is an alien - a suspicion confirmed when he disappears after his secret is exposed by the boys!
  • Best Frenemies: When Lili and Sam are tasked with an assignment on friendship, it nearly tears them apart in the unlikeliest of places. 
  • Luc's Super Shoes: Luc wants to be part of the Field Day track relay team, but his confidence in himself is tied to his 'super shoes'. 
  • Fix-it Sam: When "Fix-it Sam" gets too big for his britches, it's his friendships that wind up needing the biggest fix. 
  • I Heart Lucy: When Sam breaks the rules, he blames it on his dog Lucy but then puts Lucy in a bad predicament.
  • Earth to Amala: When Earth Ambassador Amala misses Earth Hour, she thinks it's the worst thing ever! Until her friends help her realize it's a small thing compared to all the good she does.
  • Pet Test: When Amala tries to prove she's ready for a pet of her own, Kensington gives her a serious taste of what 'responsibility' really means.
  • Treehouse Trouble: When Eddie's plans for his dream tree house go sideways because of his friends' disagreement, he comes to the rescue with a third idea they can all get behind. 
  • Double Dad's Day: With two dads, Luc rules the Father's Day Fair competitions, but when Lili and Lola's dad can't join in the fun, Luc shares his dads and saves their day. 
  • Monkey King: When Sam's selfishness threatens to end his friendships, Sam needs to figure out a way to become a better friend and player. 
  • Dress up, Mess up: When the 16 Hudson kids' costumes need accessories for the Kooky Costume Contest, Luc borrows them around the building, but forgets the most important thing of all - asking permission.
  • Lemonade: When Sam spends all his saved money on a junky, broken toy, will he be able to turn his problem into the party of the summer?
  • The Last Samosa: When Amala finds herself in a "food fight" with Henri, what won't she do to win?
  • Stick to it: When Eddie loses his Jordan Nolan hockey stick, he is forced to improvise for his Show and Share school presentation.
  • Finders Keepers: When Luc finds a lost wallet, everyone has fun ideas about what to do with it, but doing the right thing proves to be the most fun of all. 
  • Apples, Raisins, and Onions, Oh my!: Lili thinks she can remember Mrs. O's grocery items. Until she can't.
  • What a Spectactle: When Lili's afraid to admit losing her glasses, the cover up turns out to be way worse than the 'crime'!
  • Chinese School of Rock: Sam jumps at the chance to skip Chinese school to see a monster truck show but is forced to fess up when he's tested on his language skills. 
  • Mr. K: When Lili discovers that Ms. Emily is leaving her class to have a baby, she leads her friends in a campaign to keep her as their teacher. 
  • An Henri in Need: When Sam's annoying neighbour, Henri, needs a place to stay, Sam struggles to be charitable towards the world's worst houseguest.
  • Mountain Lyin: Eddie's camping tall tales get out of hand, and when the kids want to go camping with him, he makes promises he can't keep. 
  • Where's Daddy?: When Luc's Dad, Paul, must temporarily leave Luc for a few minutes, Luc learns to cope with the short-lived separation. 
  • Sticky Fingers: When Lola secretly takes her mother's lipstick to give to her as a present, Sisi blames Lili for taking it and not telling the truth. Lola must take responsibility for her mistake.
  • Big: The Big Kids notice Eddie's skills at the skateboard park and invite him to join their skating time on the obstacles. But when Eddie decides to stand up for his friends, he learns the true meaning of being 'big'.
  • Tree's Company: When Amala hears her favourite tree will be cut down, she goes to great lengths to save it. 
  • Whose Side Are You On?: After Sam 'loans' Amala to their arch rival kickball team and loses, he struggles with the idea of sportsmanship. 
  • My Pal Lionel: Luc becomes jealous of Lola so he builds his own friend. 
  • L-A-T-E: Sam gets engrossed in searching for a 4-leaf clover and misses the spelling bee. 
  • You Snooze, You Lose: Kensington can't take a nap in his usual spot!


GOLD AWARD  – Children’s Series – 2021 Telly Awards

Diversify TV Excellence Awards – WINNER – Representation of Kids-Preschool – 2021 MIPCOM

Youth Media Alliance Awards of Excellence - 2021

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